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CT1 Anaesthetic Application Overview

Applicants for CT1 anaesthetics and ACCS will make a single application to their first preference deanery, with the opportunity to rank all other deaneries for consideration during the clearing process.

The Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office (ANRO) at Health Education West Midlands is the responsible organisation for coordinating CT1 and ST3 recruitment to Anaesthetics specialty training posts (including ACCS Anaesthetics) within the NHS.

Information is published in early November with applications opening shortly after.

CT1 Anaesthetic Interview Changes For 2021

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, changes have been required to the Assessment and Selection process for 2021:

• Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA) – 15%
• 30-minute online interview with two assessors – 85%

There will be no Self-Assessment for CT1 in 2021.

CT1 Anaesthetics

Application Window

Applications open mid-November and close in mid-December. Applications are processed through the Oriel online application system and you can register with Oriel before the applications open.

The application focuses on the essential criteria for Anaesthetics CT1 and ACCS CT1 as outlined in the
Anaesthetics Person Specification and ACCS Person Specification.

online application is a combination of bullet form and prose text answers. Some example questions that can be asked as supporting information include giving examples that demonstrate your commitment to the speciality or describing a personal experience of working in a team.



In 2021 CT1 anaesthetics will be using the MSRA online test.

The Interviews

Each applicant will have a maximum of one interview which will cover both Anaesthetics CT1 and ACCS (Anaesthetics) CT1. You will not have a separate interview for each programme. Interviews are held regionally in the deanery or Unite of Application (UoA) to which you apply.

Offers Made

Offers will be made in April. Applicants will have 48 hours from when the offer was made, including weekends and bank holidays, to respond.  After the 48 hour period expires, any declined and expired offers will be released to the next eligible applicants. Offers may be accepted, rejected or held.

Oriel Application System

All applications for speciality training in Anaesthetics must be submitted through the online application forms via the ORIEL recruitment website. Forms will not be accepted by post, e-mail or any other medium. This was designed for candidates to manage their application through a single portal and incorporates the following:

• An initial registration process, meaning applicants only need one log in for the entire recruitment year. Some parts of the completed registration will also get automatically transferred across to the obstetrics and gynaecology application to avoid repeating information.

• After registering, each applicant will have their own profile, it is through this that an applicant will complete the anaesthetics application form and be informed if they are invited to interview or offered a training post.

• Booking interviews and assessment centres are managed through the portal.

• All available vacancies for speciality training are listed on the website.

Anaesthetic Application Self-Assessment Questions

The anaesthetic application features a series of self-assessment questions the scores from which contribute to your long-listing and portfolio score.

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